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In 1592, the last year of the reign of the Dwarven king Theyr Fridasson, the Gods had finally had enough of the fighting and squabbling amongst each other that never ended. They decided that they would fight through their creations and the losers would depart the Material Plane forever, never to appear again. And so began the Celestial War, as it came to be known within the nations of mankind. For twenty years, the tides of war ebbed and flowed, sometimes the side of good winning, other times the side of evil.

Then came the Turning of Cadsey, an island fortress and at that time a stronghold for the followers of Pharasma. It was under siege by the forces of Zon-Kuthon and Rovagug due to a series of resurrections of good-aligned forces by the island’s inhabitants. No one knows exactly what happened, but one morning in 1613, the gates opened and all of the defenders lay on the ground with their throats cut. The forces of evil stormed in and burned the bodies, mixing their ashes into the sea. After that, paranoia and accusation took swift hold of many of the remaining strongholds and infighting swiftly followed. The forces of good nearly killed themselves in an attempt to root out traitors.

It was at that point that the Archmage Sadeh the Red and Grand Deacon Laudius of Duchmond acted in accordance with the Gods of Good. Together they enacted the Great Raising, an act that cost the lives of both practitioners but which locked away small pockets of good, keeping them safe from evil for as long as needed. Portals were placed, granting the ability to reach the towns and hamlets so separated when the need became great enough.

In the town of Dalesend, one of those so separated, life continued for four hundred years in isolation. Then the portal awoke to life for the first time in a great many human generations. A party of volunteers came forward to venture through the portal to see what had since happened on the other side and to bring back much needed supplies.

Through The Portal

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