Celestial War

And so it came to pass that, after eons of challenges and contests, Calistria approached Asmodeus and Iomedae, the two leaders of the largest factions of the gods. “Why do we not save our energies and have our followers fight one another?” she asked. “We can give our support to whomever we wish and through that support we can judge our power.”

The Tyrant objected, saying, “I need no followers to prove my power.”

“Then it is true,” replied Iomedae, “that you have no followers and exist merely on your own self-importance? Or is that impotence?”

At that, Asmodeus drew off his spiked gauntlet and struck The Queen, the metal tearing the flesh of her cheek and leaving scars that may be seen unto this day.

Iomedae’s eyes blazed with cold blue fire. “The deed is done,” she replied, ice dripping from her voice. “My followers against yours. Draw up the contract if you wish, I shall sign so long as it is fair. But know this. Your actions this day shall never be forgiven.”

Thus Asmodeus’ contract was written up, stating that the Gods would war through their creations, not amongst each other directly, and that the losers of the conflict would not only never again set foot on the Material Plane but would be banished from the present residence of the Pantheon

Celestial War

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