Through The Portal

Going to Fort Caldbren

In which the heroes set out to the North

After their meeting with their contact with the Free, The Heroes met up back at their inn, the Crown of Stars, and discussed their plans in the drawing room of their suite, reasonably certain that they had not been followed.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Selibna. Everyone looked around at each other. “Well,” suggested Quintessence, “let’s go take a look at this warehouse of theirs. Maybe we can find a way to just grab some alchemists’ fire and run.”

Tess and Grant went over to Warehouse 4. From down the street they were able to watch as a pair of guards walked counterclockwise around the corner of the building. Some time later, a pair of guards appeared on the far side, still walking counterclockwise. Whether or not it was the same pair of guards was impossible to tell due to both distance and the uniforms. More watching from the same vantage point did little to clarify.

“Hmmmm,” mused Grant, “perhaps if we could find a way up to the roof we could see more. Help me find a fire escape or something.” The narrow alley did indeed have a ladder leading up past windows to the roof of the apartment building they were sheltering by.

Up on the roofs, the odor of humanity, smoke, and various foods mixed together to an almost palpable extent. Chimneys, makeshift shacks, and even a “courting” couple were visible and provided enough of a distraction/camouflage to hide their passage across the roofs to directly across from the warehouse.

There they saw two guards standing by the main doors, a pair large enough to fit two wagons side-by-side with a little room to spare. As they watched, the two guards on duty exchanged some unheard pleasantries with the circling guards as they passed. It still wasn’t completely clear if these were the only guards on patrol. “Maybe the other side?” asked Tess.

Three minutes later, they were on the other side of the warehouse, again up on the roof of an apartment block. There was a small back door, barely ten feet wide, again with a pair of guards on duty. A little movement on the roof of the warehouse betrayed the presence of someone up there. Now that they knew what kind of thing to look for, Tess and Grant could see at least three or four people up there. After a few minutes of observation, the two concluded that they must be more guards. This not only meant that there was a way in through the roof but that getting in and out without hurting any of the guards was going to be that much trickier.

“So that’s probably going to be difficult to break into,” concluded Grant back at the Crown of Stars. Everyone looked around again. None of them found the idea of brawling with the town guards especially attractive, even with no intent to harm.

To be continued.



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